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Our caring team at Dental Care Smithfield encourage all our patients to have regular six-monthly dental exams and cleaning. This allows for the prevention of problems before they begin, and the early detection of small problems before they become big problems.

During our examination procedure we screen for any oral diseases including gum disease and oral cancers. Early detection and treatment of oral disease will greatly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

We also recommend intraoral digital x-rays every two years, to track your oral health over time. We use high-quality digital x-rays to further enhance the quality and efficiency of our care, and to detect dental decay before it becomes apparent to the naked eye.

Mouth Guards: Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, all participants in contact sports are strongly recommended to use a sports mouth guard, professionally constructed, and fitted by an oral health expert, i.e: your dentist. Mouth guards are comfortable and stylish, coming in a range of colours and patterns to suit your team and tastes. They will help minimise or prevent damage to your teeth and jaws when heavy impacts occur.

This procedure involves removing all the pulp in the pulp chamber temporarily for the sake of pain relief. Pulpectomy is typically called for when pulpotomy isn’t an option and all of the tooth’s pulp has become infected, inflamed, and disease-ridden. After removal, the canals are medicated and cleaned.

Sometimes, dentists do pulpectomy on primary or milk teeth. In such cases, the pulp is replaced with resorbable material. This is the recommended course of action for irreversible pulpitis on redicular and coronal pulp as well as primary molars that are abscessed.

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