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Dental Care Smithfield

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  1. Be inlove with your teeth!
    25 Nov, 2016
    Be inlove with your teeth!
    Being in a trusting, secure and loving relationship could be helping your pearly whites more than you think... A study by the University of Queensland's School of Health and the School of Dentistry has discovered a strong link between the health of your love life and your teeth. UQ researcher Grace Branjerdporn said she studied how the dynamics of relationships could affect whether you went to the dentist or not. "What we discovered was that those who try to avoid emotional intimacy, or are
  2. 5 fundamental tips for healthier teeth!
    12 Aug, 2015
    5 fundamental tips for healthier teeth!
    When it comes to your teeth, do you know what's best?  Here are five fundamental tips to a happier and healthier smile.  1.  Flossing is vital. To minimize the chances of generating cavities or gum disease within your mouth, try to gently floss your teeth on a daily basis.  2.  Protect your teeth from potential injury. It is always important to wear mouth protection when playing sport.  3.  Brush at least twice a day. The best time to brush your teeth is after meals. Try to brush your teeth